How To Use A Lemon Squeezer

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Many people prefer lemon squeezers to reamers and juice presses. The classic handheld tool prevents your hands from getting messy, and it has a mechanical advantage to obtain more juice from the fruit fast and effortlessly.

Lemon juice has the potential to cause skin irritation since it is highly acidic. The lever-based hand squeezer requires no special technique and prevents lemon juice from getting on your hands. This is very important if you have sensitive or dry skin.

Whether you are making a salad dressing, a lemon dessert or a fresh batch of lemonade, you may want to use a lemon squeezer. For juicing, most people cut a lemon in half and press the fruit with the cut side down in the utensil. As it turns out, there are apparently better and more effective ways in preparing the fruit for juicing and great tips on how to use a lemon squeezer.

Best lemon squeezers

With the health benefits provided by citrus juice, it is important that we include it in our daily diets. Many people prefer extracting juice from the fruit with a manual lemon squeezer. It is paramount to purchase the best lemon squeezer to get the maximum juice without experiencing any discomfort while using the minimum effort. Some of the best lemon squeezers currently available include:

  • Bellemain lemon squeezer: made with premium grade stainless steel and offers superior strength and a comfortable grip. The kitchen tool is highly-rated and makes juicing extremely easy.
  • MyLifeUnit lemon squeezer: a heavy duty utensil with a great design and made from high quality stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Crystalhome citrus squeezer: the design of this kitchen tool is simple, yet elegant. The utensil offers two different functions for smaller and larger citrus fruits. The combination of red and black is beautiful.
  • Art Elegant lemon squeezer: made in France, this set offers two tools in each box. This tool will add flair to any kitchen.
  • UrbanBasics squeezer: the utensil comes with an extra wide bowl and big squeezer and is perfect for heavy duty use.
  • Raniaco lemon squeezer: a beautiful kitchen tool made from stainless steel.
  • E-Prance manual lemon squeezer: a sturdy stainless steel tool great for larger and smaller size citrus fruits.
  • Shwizadle squeezer: designed with non-slip rubber handles and made from aluminum alloy.
  • ONME lemon squeezer: easy to maintain, clean and use.
  • Chef’n FreshForce lemon squeezer: an elegant utensil available in bright orange, lime or lemon colors and made with stainless steel covered in nylon coating.
  • LMTECH lemon squeezer: large manual stainless steel lemon juicer. The tool is durable and will squeeze lemons to the last drop in less than a minute.

Most lemon squeezers are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. Some of these tools are uniquely and elegantly designed. They will make a good addition to any kitchen and offer the best juice without seeds.

How to use a lemon squeezer

Preparation for juicing citrus fruit is important. You will need a citrus squeezer, cutting board, knife, bowl and lemons. The handheld utensil is a very easy way of extracting juice from the fruit. The next step is selecting the best lemons for juicing.

Ripe, fresh citrus fruits are usually slightly soft. Heavy lemons are often juicier, but the harder it feels, the more difficult it will be to extract the juice. Warm or room temperature citrus are easier to juice. If the fruits were refrigerated, you may want to consider microwaving them for thirty seconds. Rolling the lemon forth and back with your hands can also help loosen the inner segments of the fruit.

Cut the lemon crosswise or lengthwise to fit in the squeezer. You can slice off the pointy tip of the rind to make it fit better and then place the lemon into the squeezer with the cut side facing down. Once you have placed the fruit in the tool and bring the handles together, the interior dome of the utensil will press towards the rind of the lemon and allow the juice to flow from the lemon. You can squeeze the juice over a bowl or directly into the cookware. Once you know how to use a lemon squeezer, you can enjoy all the health benefits citrus fruits have to offer.

Advantages of a lemon squeezer

It does not take a lot of effort to use a lemon squeezer. Most of these kitchen utensils are made with high-quality stainless steel and some are covered with lead-free coatings in vibrant colors. The silicone-bonded handles provide a comfortable grip, and the longer ones make it incredibly easy to juice. The stylish and elegant designs of the lemon squeezers will impress you. Like most excellent tools, the kitchen utensil is efficient and perfect for lemons.

A lemon squeezer can help you to elevate the flavors in a dish. A dash of lemon juice does wonders to a salad or warm broths. One of the great benefits of a lemon squeezer is the lever-based hand press. You can juice a citrus fruit without a mess. People with dry or sensitive skin will definitely benefit from this kitchen tool.

When choosing the best lemon squeezer, you should also consider the length of the handles. Longer handles allow you to exert more pressure with little effort. Most of these tools are elegantly designed and will make a good addition to any kitchen. The utensil has no breakable parts, is highly functional and an excellent tool once you know how to use a lemon squeezer.


Hand-held citrus fruit squeezers require no special techniques, get more juice out of each lemon, and prevent hands from getting messy in the process. The kitchen tool used for juicing is a great invention, allowing you to get juice with no seeds or pulp effortlessly. They work perfectly on limes from California, Florida and the popular Meyer lemons.

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