Chef’n 2-in-1 Juicester Jr. Citrus Juicer Review

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You’re probably already familiar with the benefits to your health of juicing and might have invested in an electric juicer but what you might not have realized is that a handheld juicer can be equally as convenient and of course considerably less expensive. This is especially true if you love adding juice to your home-cooked recipes, cakes, and not just juices and cocktails.

Deciding which one to buy is, of course, the next consideration, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin because there is so much choice available. So something like the Chef’n Citrus Juicer which has 2-in-1 functionality is a great place to start which is why we’re going to explore it in more detail below.

Chef’n 2-in-1 Juicester Jr. Citrus Juicer

Chef'n 2-in-1 Juicester Jr. Citrus Juicer

For over 30 years, Chef’n have been making better tools to support you in the kitchen so that you can go on to prepare better food for friends and family. The inventor and founder of the label, David, always had a love for food and innovation way before he got hooked on officially becoming a kitchen gadget inventor with his first ever product to launch being the GarlicMachine. But enough of that, it’s lemons and limes and a love of the tangy, tantalizing and zesty taste of citrus that has brought you to our website today and not the garlic bulb!

One thing that all the Chef’n products have in common though is a tasteful ingenuity when it comes to their design aesthetics. The design, manufacturing, and ultimately the end consumer experience back in your kitchen, are all based around collaboration and about delivering products. The 2-in1 Juicester is small and mighty, and combines simplicity with elegance and always incredible functionality and practicality.

So the trademarked Juicester Jr 2-in-1 is part of their extensive fruit and veg preparation product lines, and it certainly fits those company form and function requirements of being thoughtful, intelligent, practical and straightforward to operate. In fact, the Juicester Jr might just be their smallest and most convenient juicer yet and will certainly take up no space in your kitchen and can easily be stored away. However, on account of just how cute and how useful it is, we’re confident this bold, bright and beautiful reamer will stay firmly out on display on your countertop.

It’s the perfect little juicer for all kinds of kitchen requirements and get this, it even looks a bit like a lemon or a lime too! We’re a little bit in love with the design. There are two snap on reamers, plus a rather conveniently attached measuring cup which take the guesswork entirely out of deciding how much juice you need to add to that delicious home cooked recipe, cocktail or baked cake.

Come on, who doesn’t love lemon drizzle cake? Isn’t it just one of the most delicious inventions ever and with this fun and cute little reamer by your side in the kitchen, we’re betting a good lemon drizzle is one of the first things you try it out on. If you love cooking and baking, but you hate all of the cleaning up afterward, then there’s another reason to adore this Juicester as it is fully dishwasher safe.

Who is this product for?

We recommend this product for a whole host of situations and for anyone not wanting to spend too much money, it’s a perfect choice. It’s also effortless to operate so perfect for anyone who might suffer from arthritis or weak hands. All you need to be able to do is slice a lemon and turn it. How’s that for genius design and simplicity? It really is a super little gadget for preparing citrus based salad dressing, cocktails, and juicers, or for extracting delicious citrus juice for any recipes that require this added ingredient. It is an excellent product for all you foodies out there.

What’s included?

You get the two different sized snap on reamers in fresh and funky interchangeable lemon and line colors with that removable, dishwasher-safe measuring cup.

Chef'n 2-in-1 Juicester Jr. Citrus Juicer
  • This citrus juicer features two different sized reamers that work great with lemons and limes. Built-in teeth strain out seeds and pulp while pouring, ensuring pure, clean, citrus juice.
  • Both reamers snap onto the juicer for easy transport and convenient storage while the non-slip grip on the bottom of the juicer prevents countertop sliding during juicing.
  • Perfect for kitchen or bar use, the clear bowl on the bottom catches juice and measures juice at the same time. The cup holds up to 1/4-cup of juice and has clearly marked measurements of both 2 and 4 tablespoons, 1 and 2 ounces, and markings up to 60 millimeters.
  • Great for cooking, making dressings, or cocktails, this juicer simplifies and speeds up the process of extracting delicious citrus juice.
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Overview of key features:

Below are just some of the keynote features you can expect to enjoy from your 2-in-1 Juicester Jr Citrus Juicer

Two different sized reamers – the 2-in-1 comes with two different sized reamers so that it works perfectly with lemons and limes, plus there are built-in teeth that further assist with straining out unwanted seeds and pulp. This leaves behind lovely fresh, clean and pure citrus juice for a whole range of recipes and cooking and drinking purposes

Snap-on design – both the reamers easily and securely snap onto the measuring cup, plus there’s a convenient non-grip base that ensures the juicer stays firmly in place on your kitchen or bar top while you are squeezing your fruits.

Transparent Measuring jar – the measuring cup itself is not only clear but it also accurately measures the amount of liquid you are successfully capturing so that you can ensure you have enough for the recipe’s requirements. It denotes the most common measurements you are likely to need including 2 and 4 tablespoons, 1 and 2 ounces and has markings of up to 60 millimeters.

Dishwasher safe – we love this feature. You can put all the parts conveniently onto the top shelf of your dishwasher saving you on yet more washing up and more time to enjoy that margarita or slice of lemon drizzle we already mentioned.


Carrying on with the bright and vibrant color scheme that we love about the Juicester, the Yimobra Manual Lemon Squeezer is a strong contender, and an alternative juicer that we think has an equally exciting and quirky design aesthetic. It provides pure extracted juice and is super portable and easy to use. We love the color and design as well as the fact that this comes with a three-pack of hooks so that you can use throughout the home. It’s best suited to small citrus produce only, like lemons and limes, as opposed to grapefruits and oranges, but it’s a neat option and undoubtedly eye-catching.


The Chef’n 2-in-1 is a multi-functional, fresh and funky dual purpose citrus juicer that looks as good as it performs. It makes the perfect kitchen gadget for any cooking or cocktail enthusiast and for domestic as well as professional use. It also would make an excellent gift or stocking filler at Christmas for anyone who loves baking or juice making. The two interchangeable, different sized reamers mean that it works like a dream on all kinds of citrus fruits.

You can also easily capture and measure liquid quantities for all your recipes in the integrated clear container. It’s budget-friendly, easy to use, and better still, can be cleaned in the dishwasher afterward. What’s not to love about this everyday essential kitchen gadget?


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