Egofine Manual Juice Squeezer Review

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Do you enjoy drinking fresh citrus juice but hate having to squeeze fruits by hand? Then Manual citrus juicers are the perfect product to have if you have never thought about it. These juicers provide fresh juice very easily and in little time. Many people are buying a citrus juicer nowadays as they grow in popularity, and people are also choosing healthier options when it comes to eating and drinking.

Manual juicers can also last a lot longer as well as save on energy bills. In this article we will therefore explore one of the most popular manual juicers currently on the market, the Egofine Manual Juice Squeezer.

Benefits of Manual Juice Squeezers

Manual juice squeezers are the best thing to buy if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Why is that? Thanks to their powerful strength, you can quickly make a nice healthy drink in just a few minutes, rather than waiting to squeeze each fruit individually by hand.

Easy to Use – The best feature of a citrus juicer is its overall ease of use. All you are required to do is pull the handle down and repeat the process until you have extracted all of the fruit juice.

Saves you the work – With a manual citrus juice presser, you are saving yourself all the work of squeezing the fruit by hand – which can sometimes become quite messy! Nobody really enjoys squeezing fruit by hand as it takes too long, and more often than not you are left with hardly any liquid in the base of your cup which is frustrating.

Saves money – Extracting the juice from your favorite fruits will save you money in the long run. If you can stock your juices, even better, as this means you will have an abundance of juices to use whenever you require them.

No electricity required – Another benefit of manual citrus juicers is that they are completely manual and don’t require any electricity to function. This means you can use them whenever, without having to worry about using up too much electricity and you don’t run the risk of any burnouts.

Now we will take a look at one of the most popular fruit juicers on the market.

Egofine Manual Juice Squeezer

Egofine Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer, Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer Juice Squeezer Citrus Orange Lemon Pomegranate, Orange

Looking for a powerful manual fruit juicer which is also stylish? Then look no further! The Egofine is a fantastic product for all your juicing needs. Below we take a look at its key features in a little more detail.


  • Heavy duty cast iron
  • FDA approved stainless steel
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Bright color design
  • 1-year warranty


Few customers have complained about this product. However, for one customer the handle snapped on the first day. Another mentioned that when you press down, the juicer tends to tilt forward which can make the process a little trickier.


If you want to give your hands a break when it comes to squeezing fresh juice, then the Egofine juicer is the perfect option for you. This is such a simple appliance to use, and one which comes without any electricity! It is completely manual, meaning you don’t have to worry about using up too much electricity or it burning out.

Fresh juice in 3 steps

Rather than cutting each piece of fruit and squeezing them by hand, which would only give you a small amount of juice, simply cut your fruit and place it directly into the plate. Then pull the handle down as if to crush the fruit and there you have it, a nice cup of fresh fruit juice, free from pulps, pips, and seeds.

Perfect for home or commercial Use

The Egofine can be used at both home or within a juice bar or restaurant, wherever fresh juice is required! It is also a great device to have when making cocktails as it can be used continuously without ever running out of steam.

Powerful design

The Egofine features a strong, stainless steel design which makes it extremely powerful. With a cast iron finish, this means it is durable and won’t easily be scratched or damaged. This will really last you a lifetime, and if you ware not entirely happy, you can still send it back within 1 year.

Easy to Clean

The best feature of the Egofine is its easiness to clean. The detachable parts are completely dishwasher safe and the rest can easily be wiped down in a few seconds. Unlike when squeezing fruits by hand which leave your hands in a complete mess, this will be a thing of the past when this juicer is in place.

Why do we believe the Egofine juicer is worth purchasing? Simple! It is inexpensive and still provides a professional and high quality job. Many motor citrus juicers are costlier and easily run up your electricity bill, especially with continued use. With a manual citrus juicer, your energy bills won’t suffer and this also means if you are using it in a commercial setting, you can use it continuously without any issues arising.

The Egofine is also a very stylish piece of equipment. Featuring a bright orange painted look, this will look great in any kitchen or restaurant. If you are fed up of squeezing fruit by hand and have never used a manual citrus juicer before, now might be the time to give it a try!

Final Verdict

Manual citrus juicers are a great addition to any kitchen, and are perfect for those who enjoy a nice, fresh drink now and then. We think that if you want to improve your healthy drinking, as well as save a little bit of money along the way, then investing in a manual citrus juicer like the Egofine, will be a good option!

To conclude, we hope that this article has helped you to learn a bit more about manual citrus juicers and their benefits, and just how you can benefit from purchasing one for yourself.


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